Jarred Ray
Web Development Developer Portfolio

I was taught to use all the tools at my disposal.

As a Visual Journalist, Web development is another tool I get to use.


Human Magazine is a personal project of mine. The site's purpose is to promote non-profit organizations and humanitarian products.

Stay tuned for the launch

Flower Farm Shop.com

Online Flower Shop shipping nationwide

Carpinteria, California

Gallup & Stribling Orchids

Gallup and Stribling Orchids

Specialize in show quality cymbidium orchids at the global commercial scale.

Alexander Ranch inc

AlexanderRanchinc.com | Hydroponic Produce

Lettuce and herbs grown in California. Hydroponic farming uses soilless glasshouses to grow the cleanest and pest free vegietable products.

Wedding Florist

WeddingsByGallupStribling is the sister company to Westland Floral and Floral Ambiance.

Elegant floral designs serving the Santa Barbara and Monticito areas.

Finding Madiba South Africa documentary

Finding Madiba is documentary student film group that spent three months in South Africa during the Fifa 2010 World Cup exposing the imbalance in the post apartheid society.

FindingMadiba.com was a platform for releasing web episodes and blog post created while in the field.

Global Water international non-profit organization

Global Water is a non-profit organization that works to bring water to those who have none. Global Water provides the instructions to create wells and rain capturing systems for use in third world countries.

Collaborating with the Executive Director of Global Water I constructed a site working with existing graphics and content. Keeping existing brand but modernizing page layout and navigation.

Martin Photography sports photographer

Martin Photography is a freelance sports photographer working in Indiana. Josh Martin shoots for NASCAR and ESPN along with many local news outlets.


Middle Class is a political organization who's purpose is to hold our polotitions accountable and to protect the middle class. MiddleClassPARC is a non-partisan "think-tank" specifically focused on America's middle class in support of America's middle class.